PiFace Digital 2
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The PiFace Digital 2 is an add on board for Raspberry Pi that allows for connecting things that will influence the world around it. It includes components like relays, switches, digital and analogue I/O that will allow for connection to sensors, motors, lights etc and can be controlled by Raspberry Pi board. The PiFace Digital 2 has been designed to fit the Raspberry Pi A, A+, B and B+ models. This add on board fits neatly above the Raspberry Pi and connects using the expansion connector. Ensure that all expansion pins are lined up with the holes on the PiFace Digital 2 socket.
  • Two changeover relays
  • Four tactile switches
  • Eight digital inputs
  • Eight open collector outputs
  • 8 onboard LEDs for indicating status of an application, debugging circuits and codes
  • Graphical emulator
  • Easy to program in Python 3 and 2, scratch and C language
  • Support for interrupts


Hobby & Education, Building Automation, Automation & Process Control, Security, System Monitoring, Embedded Design & Development


Supplied with PiFace Digital 2 assembled and documentation


Ensure that no power is supplied to Raspberry Pi or PiFace Digital 2 boards when plugging or unplugging.